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Undergraduate Senior


"Fight For Us Both" 

Digital Drawings, 2020

Sometimes, as humans, we fail to notice mortality that is not directly in front of us. There is an even more significant disconnect when it comes to the death of animals. In this series, I want the viewer to admire and acknowledge the transient beauty of the animals who inhabit this world with us. Their declining population is mostly due to us. Yet we rarely take the time to admire them while they are here. Look them in their eyes and see their pain. Hopefully, we can all join those who advocate for these beings. We are destroying them, the environment, and the world we all inhabit. The changes we can make to save these animals will save us as well. Acknowledge that, consider that, and decide accordingly. 


The color red is used to depict how death is slowly consuming the population of these animals. 

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Senior Project, Manhattanville College, 2020
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