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Selected Work: Gallery

"Regressive Increase"

With these pieces, I shed light on how animals of all shapes and sizes can come close to extinction because of our lack of conservation. These animals span from as large as a Humpback Whale to as small as a Poison Dart Frog. They survive in areas most of us could not. So their absence would not be noticed immediately. But that is also part of the problem. Many of us do not realize how fast these animals are dying out until it is too late. I want to use my art to give people space where they can admire these animals while gaining empathy for them. Hopefully, that understanding will lead to change.

(Graphite on Black Matboard)

Selected Work: Gallery

Notable Artwork

"Potential Outcome"

Five-part series depicting birds of different conservation statuses arranged in a way to show the ‘potential outcome’ of minimal conservation efforts. The use of the color red is to illustrate extinction overtaking each species.
1st and 2nd: Least Concern
3rd and 4th: Endangered 
5th: Extinct

(Open Acrylic on Gessoed Panel)

Least Concern: Farm Owl
Least Concern: Bee - Eater
Endangered: White Parakeet
Endangered: Hawaiian Goose
Extinct: Dodo
Selected Work: Selected Work
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