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Express Priorities

I make all my artwork focus on a specific topic. But each piece remains simple in composition, some being ambiguous. Anyone can view my artwork and pull emotion from it. If those emotions trigger a conversation about the topic of my work, then I see that piece as a success. That space for interpretation causes my artwork to be seen from different perspectives. I believe that allows me to maintain a diverse audience. Which, plays into my mission to use art as a platform to help the masses educate each other. I see the increasing numbers of endangered species as a problem that needs to be stopped. Some people may or may not agree. But everyone who sees my work along with the statement will leave knowing that there is a rapid decrease in the animal population. 

My artistic attitude has always been based on sharing and communication. To me, successful art is sincere and tells a personal story. Incorporating my own opinions and experiences into my art shows vulnerability. It diminishes the distance between creator and audience. My art creates a space for people to look within themselves while looking into me. A relationship can be formed. I aim to make my audience comfortable enough to talk about the feelings my artwork manifest in them. Initiating that dialogue encourages conversation. I believe that once the conversation begins, we all get a chance to learn from each other’s experiences.

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